Year: 2015

St Albans MP, Anne Main, presses Communities Secretary over sinkhole

  On the final day of parliament before Christmas recess, St Albans MP, Anne Main, pressed the Communities Secretary, on what assistance can be given to councils that deal with ‘special events’, such as the St Albans sinkhole.

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Temporary closure of children’s play area

To supplement the survey work that Hertfordshire County Council  has carried out on the land it owns at Bernards Heath, St Albans City and District Council has similar survey works underway on adjacent common land that it manages.  While this

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Fontmell/Bridle Close access update 3

Still digging – efforts continue to ease access for residents of Fontmell and Bridle Close.  Mud has been a real problem and now a third almost diagonal track is being developed across the Lower Field, this time with a more

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Young pear tree vandalised

This young tree on the upper field received unwanted attention recently – broken at the stump (inset A) and a broken retaining strap (inset B, shown on another tree).  Straps have been broken on other support posts in the background

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Fontmell/Bridle Close access update

While the unresolved problem of the sinkhole, or crown hole, has been less prominent in the news of late, activity has been focused on access for residents of Fontmell Close and Bridle close. It is still a very muddy, but

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New Path extension to the Ancient Briton

Friends of Bernards Heath and St Albans District Council have shared the cost (50/50) of extending an existing path off Harpenden Road to the Ancient Briton junction, a length of about 100 yards.  An overgrown area has been cleared and

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Fly-tipping on the Heath

Having recently cleared much of the litter from the Heath, we now have two cases of illegal fly-tipping. This irresponsible practice is not only dangerous and unsightly, but has cost the Council £35,000 in the year 2014 – 2015. You

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Beech Bottom Dyke – Greenspace Action Plan Update

Beech Bottom Dyke is a large ditch up to 33 feet deep running for almost a mile at the northern edge of St Albans. It is of considerable archaeological importance, contains a valuable area of ancient woodland flora, and is

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FoBH Action Day

Our Action Day was positively balmy with warm autumn sun, and it probably helped to bring out a record number of volunteers.  When you hear of the comment ‘couldn’t find any litter’, who could hope for more. Litter picking was

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Fontmell Close access problems

No doubt you were wondering what this is.  It’s the mud that residents of Fontmell Close and Bridle Close have to cope with to access their homes. A temporary road made of large plastic panels has been installed across the

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