St Albans Green Ring – Our statement

path_iconThe section of the Green Ring that passes through Bernards Heath has been completed. The part that crosses the Upper Field was already tarmac and this has been widened to 2.5 metres. FoBH resisted the installation of a similar path passing through the wooded area connecting the corner of the Field to Harpenden Road. This was felt to be too “urban” for the natural character of the Heath and as a compromise it was agreed this part would be only 1.5 metres wide and made of crushed stone without kerbs. Once the edges have regrown and the surface has weathered in it should not be too obtrusive. However FoBH has reservations about the sand finish which has been applied to the crushed stone. This does not seem to be ideal for a cycle path and we doubt its durability. See more about the Green Ring.  Please advise any comments via Facebook, Twitter, or email by clicking the FoBH mail icon.

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