Friends of Bernards Heath – Community Playground Project

play_area_roundaboutThe Friends of Bernards Heath would like to work together with the local community to seek improvements to the current playground facilities located on Bernards Heath. The need for this is typified by the current state of the roundabout (left) which is broken.

It is our intention to reach out to everyone who uses this attractive communal area, to have their say in what improvements could be made for the benefit of all, with the least impact upon local residents.

Bernards Heath is an attractive and much used corner of St Albans; appealing greatly to children, parents, dog-walkers, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and historians a-like.


November 2015 – now repaired


Playgrounds for children aged 1-16 are very limited in this region of the city. Excellent examples of park equipment exist in other areas of St Albans, which include a wide variety of apparatus suitable for children of all ages and also include adult fitness facilities…. so why not here?


The current play area – brightly coloured, but a dated look.


Aerial view with play area (see red arrow)

Therefore, it is our aim to work with St Albans City Council to make improvements to the playground and other facilities found on the Heath.

So let us know…..

– Would you like to see new play/sports equipment introduced to the Heath?
– Would you be willing to contribute ideas towards potential plans?
– Would you have any objections or concerns to raise?

Discussions have only just begun and we would like to gain feedback from all local residents and would therefore love to hear from you.  Check back on the website for updates on this project or why not join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for more information.

Please support us, or provide your view, by contacting us at:
Email: FoBH chairman by clicking the FoBH mail,
or Facebook or Twitter icons all in the right-hand column

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