New Path extension to the Ancient Briton


Friends of Bernards Heath and St Albans District Council have shared the cost (50/50) of extending an existing path off Harpenden Road to the Ancient Briton junction, a length of about 100 yards.  An overgrown area has been cleared and a hardcore path laid.

This helps join up the Bernards Heath “mini green ring” which consists of Bernards Heath, Beech Bottom Dyke and Sandridge Road Wastes (alongside Sandridge Road).  It makes it more pleasant and safer to walk down to the Ancient Briton. See images below. Feedback would be welcome. Comments from passers-by when the work was going on were very positive.

If this is deemed a success we could consider opening up other parts which are
unknown and unseen because they are so over grown. On the other hand, consideration would have to be given to the potential disturbance of natural habitats.

Locations of existing and extended sections of path

Locations of existing and extended sections of path

Area before work started

Area before work started


Work in progress


The construction team


Compacting the path



Job completed. The view is towards the Ancient Briton.






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