Fontmell/Bridle Close access update


The shuttle service

While the unresolved problem of the sinkhole, or crown hole, has been less prominent in the news of late, activity has been focused on access for residents of Fontmell Close and Bridle close. It is still a very muddy, but at least residents have been connected to essential utilities.

Access on foot has been improved by the extending the footpath from the children’s play area to the end of Bridle Close, but rain has made vehicular access a real problem.

To transport residents to the car park behind the Pioneer Club, a shuttle service has been set up. The shuttle vehicle, seen above, follows the red broken line in the photo below


Lower field showing access track location

Although the new track is more substantial, it too is beginning to sink into the mud, see below.


The shuttle makes its way across the field, the old track to the right.

At the At the Pioneer Club end, the mud is enough to discourage anyone with a normal vehicle.


Access to the lower field from the parking area

The lower field has been subjected to a suvey by microgravity and mechanical devices and some anomalies have been found.


Microgravity reading


The mechanical probe is used where microgravity examination of the site reveals anomalies

In the upper field a good path has been made to connect the end of Bridle Close to the Children’s play area.


White broken line indicates new path

This gives easy access to Sandridge Road, bottom right of photo above. Entry to the wooded area is shown below.


New path with a similar surface to that used in the Green Ring through Bernards Heath.


The Lower Field has been surveyed recently to establish the best route for a track across it.  The results are not yet available.






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