Fontmell/Bridle Close access update 3

Still digging – efforts continue to ease access for residents of Fontmell and Bridle Close.  Mud has been a real problem and now a third almost diagonal track is being developed across the Lower Field, this time with a more substantial base of sand and gravel, similar to that used on the Green Ring. It will be accessed through the old Fire Station Grounds. 


The new track with the the sand/gravel mix inset bottom left


Ready for take-off? Not quite.

Meanwhile,  microgravity measurements are now being made on the Upper Field.  An array of small flags shows where data has been collected. No further news of the Lower Field survey yet.

Update December 28th


With at least three layers of sand/gravel, the well marked ‘road’ across the Lower Field is now quite suitable for cars, with access through the old fire station yard.

The ‘mats‘ that were used in an attempt to allow vehicles to access to Bridle Close have now been removed and the area should be re-seeded when appropriate.

See updates from Hertfordshire County Council here.

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