Objects left on the Lower Field

Friends of Bernards Heath met with representatives of St Albans District Council and councillors Roma Mills and Richard Curthoys to review the current condition of the Lower Field. The new road across the field from the old fire station works well, but many objects have been left, seemingly at random, which make the area look untidy and in some areas, dangerous. It is hoped that contractors will be able to tidy up in the near future.

The following images show the types of objects found.


1 Numerous old railway sleepers                      2 Metal support for fencing
3 Complete metal fencing panels                      4 Panel (type 3) becoming covered in grass
5 Bags of De-icing salt                                      5 Heavy splice-in joint for electrical power
7 Odd lengths of rebar metal rod                      8 Plenty of traffic cones

Photos: RM

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