Sinkhole Tours

sinkhole_toursLast October the country thrilled to the drama of the sinkhole on Bernards Heath – and the story is not finished yet.

Much was written and said in the media, but there is nothing like being on the spot to hear an explanation of the factors which came together to ‘make the earth move’.

Over the summer, Roger Miles, member of FoBH Committee, longtime resident of the Heath, amateur archaeologist and local historian, will be leading small group tours of the Heath on the theme of the sinkhole.

Geology, industrial archaeology, local history and even literature all figure in the story, but there will be nothing ‘difficult’ to understand.

If you would like to join one of the tour groups, which can be on a weekday, weekend or evening – state preference – let us know, plus how many you would be. You will be notified when a tour is planned.

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