Parking improvement on Sandridge Road Wastes

The Sandridge Road Wastes are the grassed areas on both sides of this road designated as Common Land.  Parking is a major problem on the road, especially between Boundary Road and Bernards Heath Primary School, the area marked in blue in the map below.


The blue area tends to be an unsightly muddy mess in the winter because of parked cars and is not much better in the summer.  A honeycomb type of plastic matting (photo below) has recently been installed in this area to improve the surface.  It contains soil and has been surface seeded with grass – whether this stands much chance of growing remains to be seen.


Freshly installed matting on the area described above



Close-up of the honeycomb type structure to secure the surface. Grass seeds can be seen on the very dry surface.



Parking on the area which looks secure – so far.

Photos: DP



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