Christmas on the Home Front – Bernards Heath in 1917

We’re having a tree at the St Saviour’s Christmas Tree Festival – our theme will be ‘Christmas on the home front in Bernards Heath in 1917‘. We know from the Roll of Honour that thirty-four  young men (see below) from the Bernards Heath area died at the Front that year, and we know their names, but we don’t know anything else about them. 16 of the 34  were killed at Passchendaele.

Jenny is making 34 of these decorative poppies for the tree


Our tree will honour them, and remember what was going on back home that Christmas. Can you, or anyone you know who had family in Bernards Heath back then, help us with any information about them, or the Christmas customs locally in 1917? If you can help, please get in touch emailing Jenny Burley,




The 34 names from the Roll of Honour for 1917:

Captain Guy Frederick Bailey MC, 7 July 1917 (Western Front)
Private Charles Aubrey Bamford, 29 November 1917 (Western Front)
Lieutenant Henry Lee Betts, 20 September 1917 (Western Front)
Private Percy Buck, 31 July 1917 (Western Front)
Private Albert Edward Butcher, 24 December 1917 (Western Front)
Corporal Frederick Ernest Butcher, 20 July 1917 (Palestine)
Gunner Cyril Hugh Thomas Calvert, 9 October 1917 (Western Front)
Private Charles Ridgway Cooper, 12 April 1917 (Western Front)
Private Albert Josiah Critten, 28 April 1917 (Western Front)
Driver Charles Robert George Day, 29 November 1917 (Egypt)
Private Walter Dennis, 28 April 1917 (Western Front)
Private George Field, 20 October 1917 (Western Front)
Private Harry James Gates, 26 November 1917 (Western Front)
Private Charles William Harris, 23 July 1917 (Western Front)
Private Alfred Thomas Hopkins, 20 September 1917 (Western Front)
Private George Marcus Hornett, 22 September 1917 (Western Front)
Private Arthur Ivory, 23 April 1917 (Western Front)
Private Harry Ivory, 3 August 1917 (Western Front)
Corporal Ernest Walter Izzard, 31 July 1917 (Western Front)
Private James William Keech, 21 September 1917 (Western Front)
Bombardier Henry John Manners, 21 October 1917 (Western Front)
Private Kenneth Ernest Knott, 21 September 1917 (Western Front)
Midshipman Richard Owen, 14 June 1917 (Atlantic Ocean)
Sergeant William James Payne, 31 July 1917 (Western Front)
Private Harry Peacock, 28 April 1917 (Western Front)
Lieutenant Geoffrey Edward Sewell, 2 September 1917 (Western Front)
Gunner Bertram Christian Sexton, 1 November 1917 (Western Front)
Lance Corporal Alfred Stone, 24 June 1917 (Western Front)
Private Charles Stratton, 28 March 1917 (Western Front)
Gunner William Taylor, 30 September 1917 (Western Front)
Gunner Arthur George Tyler, 8 July 1917 (Western Front)
Captain Harold Henry Underwood, 19 April 1917 (Palestine)
Private Frank Warwick, 8 December 1917 (Western Front)
Quartermaster Frank Arthur Wilkinson, August 1917 (on active service in the merchant marine)




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