Autumn Action Day

Well done, and thank you, to everyone who helped with our action day on Sunday, 19th November. 

Litter and dumping of various items is a constant problem on the Heath, particularly around seating areas and on the sides of Harpenden Road.  We do our best to keep it clear and keep the Heath a welcoming area for public use.

Action days are not restricted to litter picking, and some of us worked on cleaning out the old water tank close to the old Judo Club.The tank was constructed during WW2 for a supply of water in the event of fire, but has since become a container for rubbish and leaves.  We made a start on cleaning it out last November and this was the second attempt.

A determined effort revealed that much more rubbish, especially rubble,  had been dumped than realised, probably to a depth of nearly 10 inches (25 cm) in one area.  More work is needed.

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