The image below shows the northeast part of the Hare map of  1634 – the oldest to show a fragment of Bernards Heath, shaded in pale green. At that time it was called Barnett Heath with the town gallows pictured on the top right corner of the map.  The map also shows that Barnett Heath was outside the boundary of the borough of St Albans (heavy black line).


Northeast section of the Hare map of 1634. Bold black lines indicate the St Albans boundary. The latter is now in a different position.

The original of this map is in the care of the St Albans Museum but a colour copy hangs in the Maltings Library (at the far end, on the right-hand wall above the map cabinets). It is also reproduced as the frontispiece for ‘An archaeological strategy for historic centre of St Albans’ (2005). The map is also reproduced, in colour, on pages 148–149 of St Albans: a history by Mark Freeman (Carnegie Publishing 2008) ISBN 978-1-859-36139-9 (hardback), 978-1-859-36190-0 (paperback).

A copy of the 1883 OS map can be found here.

The 1898 Ordnance Survey map shows the Heath in detail and sections around the Ancient Briton junction and the Stonecross area are shown below:


Northern extent of the 1898 OS map. There was no Beech Road at that time.



Bernards Heath around the Stonecross area.

2010 OS Explorer map of St Albans and Hatfield at a 1:25,00 scale shows Bernards Heath, but not in much detail.

Streetmap online  has the advantage over above OS map in that streets are named and it can show more detail by zooming in.

The Google aerial map below shows the woodland areas on the Heath quite well, and a larger area of the Heath is outlined by a white broken line. The exact extent of the Heath is unknown. Part of Beech Bottom Dyke is outlined in red.

Hare map of 1634

The interpretation map below shows the Heath schematically with brief notes about its history.
Maps of this type can also be found on the interpretation boards on Sandridge Road, Harpenden Road  and Townsend Drive.


Interpretation Map – click to enlarge

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