New Year 2020

Bernards Heath, Lower Field

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New Depression appears on the Lower Field

This small depression has appeared on the Lower Field and has been cordoned off. The Fontmell Close sinkhole was probably only 200 m away, although in this case it may be a consequence of the rubbish that was buried in the area. Read more ›

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A Fresh Spin on Bernards Heath, Sandridge Road Wastes and Beech Bottom Dyke

Many people will have noticed that new boards have appeared describing the Heath and Sandridge Road Wastes. The old Bernards Heath boards have been updated and smart new metal frames used instead of wood frames which rotted out. These are formally described as interpretation boards, and they provide a concise account of historical events and industries which once existed on the Heath. Click here for an enlarged view of the Bernards Heath interpretation boards.

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November Action Day

Thank you everybody who helped with our Action Day on November 17th 2019

A lovely sunny but cold November Action day attracted a good number of helpers, who:

1 and 2 Collected litter and other rubbish – including a sleeping bag

3 cleared a section of hedge in Heath Farm Lane

4 cleared a substantial fallen branch close to Luton (Spinney) Lane.

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Global Families Day

Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School celebrated Global Families Day on November 14th with Peter Burley and Alan MacKnight representing the Friends of Bernards Heath. They brought along with some very tasty berry jam (photo inset) using fruit foraged from the Heath. It was a good opportunity to publicise the Action Day on the 17th November (see post above).

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Autumn Action Day

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Season of Mists

Early morning photos from the Lower Field, Bernards Heath from MN.

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Felling the Big Fella Part II

The Reading of the Rings

Wet sawdust on top of the stump obscured the annual rings and the final sawcuts
had come from several directions. A scrub with a stiff hand-brush made things a lot
clearer (below).

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Felling the Big Fella Part 1

Not necessarily ‘The bigger they come, the harder they fall’

Until a few days ago, just to the left of and in front of the old fire station were two trees,
a sycamore and a very large poplar. Probably a hybrid black poplar, to be more precise
(to left in picture above, leaves shown below). Read more ›

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Felled Beech Tree just off Harpenden Road

This young Beech tree was felled just off Harpenden Road on or around 29th July. We have been planting trees on the Heath over the winter, so it is disheartening when this happens. Do you know anything about it? – if so, contact FoBH chairman by clicking FoBH Mail in the right-hand column. Read more ›

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