Planned destruction of recently restored fence

A well planned act of wanton destruction took place on the path between Spinney Cottage and Harpenden Road last Thursday or Friday, 23rd/24th August. A fence that was recently repaired was taken apart and sawn up to make a ramp for people on bikes. It is very dangerous.

If you saw any activity in this area, we would like to hear from you (use FoBH Mail in the side bar). Any witness responding will not have their name divulged to anyone other than the police.

The wood and ramp has now been removed (6/9/18)

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Parchmarks on Bernards Heath

Telltale signs

In very dry weather the grass of Verulamium Park shows clear signs of the Roman buildings below the surface. Bernards Heath, not to be outdone, has its own version, but indicating more recent history. The marks in the recent hot spell could not have been clearer (See ground level below and Google aerial photo, the latter taken before the marks had fully developed).

Looking towards Boundary Road, the marks were very prominent

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Heritage Open Day Event 9 September 2018, Exploring Beech Bottom Dyke and Bernards Heath

Beech Bottom Dyke is a striking mile long Iron Age earthwork, linked to Shakespeare’s King Cymbeline, and set in an ancient area of commons called “Bernards Heath”. It is unpublicised and lacks interpretation – except for this guided walk.

This walk forms one of St Albans Heritage Open Days events and will take place on Sunday, 9th September 2018. More details can be found here

The local 19th century water colourist Henry Buckingham depicted this scene at  Beech Bottom Dyke in 1859 when rifle training was given. At that time there was a threat of a possible invasion from France.
(by kind permission of St Albans Museum).

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Stumps Drawn

If you’ve walked along the narrow path between the Lower Field and the Heathlands School gate you’ll be aware of several short stumps which were a trip hazard. No more – we have now removed them.

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FoBH Tree Walk

The first Friends of Bernards Heath Tree Walk on Sunday 1st July was led by Roger Miles and as you can see from the photo attracted a group of over 20 people. Read more ›

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Rainfall – or the lack of it

If you have a garden, then you’re probably getting anxious about the lack of rain – well the Heath could do with rain too.  Just one look at the grass tells all.  We record rainfall and temperature very close to the Heath and the table above shows that only 1 mm fell during the month of June. There was a similar rainfall of just 1.5 mm in April last year.

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Dumped Bikes

There has been something of a spate of abandoned bikes on the Heath of late and this one was dumped on the Lower Field sometime last night, 1st July. The gear change cable is broken.

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Foxes on the Heath

Took this photo about 04.00 Friday morning, 15th June. The two young Foxes sitting together passing the time. By the time l stopped they had spotted me but still a good picture. Thanks: Dave McCormack

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Friends of Bernards Heath and Your Data

If you use the internet on a regular basis, you’ve have probably had many emails about the new General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR. It gives a glimpse into the number of places data is held on us.

The data we keep about FoBH members is simply limited to names and contact details so that we can keep you aware of what’s going on and what we do with your subscription payments.

Privacy Statement

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Bluebells April 2018



Bluebells are coming into flower over the Heath now as you may have noticed.

Why not visit Beech Bottom Dyke for the best collections, where native bluebells, rather than the Spanish variety, proliferate. The native flowers also have a wonderful smell.

Photo: MN

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