Paths on Bernards Heath

path_iconThe wooded area of Bernards Heath includes an extensive network of well used paths. As many will know, several of these paths are now very muddy and slippery.  They seem to be particularly bad this year, perhaps because rain has fallen with almost daily regularity in December and early January.  The paths then have little chance to dry out.

Friends of Bernards Heath has been improving the paths over several years and the white squares on the image below show where work has been carried out, the cost being shared with St Albans District Council.


Areas where path surfaces have been improved

The longest sections are at the top of the image, with a new path extension to the Ancient Briton.  The paths have been dug to a depth of about 4 inches/10 cm and refilled with crushed road scalpings or planings. The resulting surface is much firmer than the muddy areas and drains more easily. The sections may not always be apparent because of debris falling onto the path, but the image below shows clearly where the path surface is much improved beyond the lower muddy area.

We hope that the Council will continue to support us in our efforts to make the Heath a more enjoyable place to walk.





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