Ariston Site – Further survey works

Peter Bone, Senior Surveyor for Public Sector Services, writes ‘Please note that the County Council has arranged for some further survey works to be carried out to check the ground conditions at the Ariston Works site.

For most of the site, that will comprise a non-intrusive microgravity survey. That will require initial clearance of undergrowth (brambles, nettles, and long grass) – there is no intention to fell or lop any trees. The area of Japanese Knotweed (which is being treated) will be avoided. That work will commence on Wednesday 6 April and should be completed in 5 or 6 days.

There will also be some intrusive survey work at the entrance to Heathlands School, as a previous microgravity survey identified an anomaly beneath the access road, and that needs to be checked physically to see if there is any cause for concern or requirement for remedial work.

There will be some noise and temporary disruption to access whilst the survey works are carried out- apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused.’

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