Local businesses support action on fly tipping at Soothouse Spring


Left to right: William Naylor of Buttle’s Building Supplies, with Peter Cook and Rod Keat, Friends of Bernards Heath

Bernards Heath is a unique, widely used public space in St Albans. Close to the centre of town, it provides attractive open spaces and woodland of historic interest, quite unlike parks in the city.

Unfortunately, its very nature lends itself to to unsightly fly tipping. Recently, it has happened in nearby Soothouse Spring, next to Beech Bottom Dyke, an impressive ancient earthwork, which the Friends of Bernards Heath has opened up and tried to keep litter free.  Fortunately, two local businesses, Buttle’s Building Supplies and A1 Tools and Fixings, have jointly supported the installation of a substantial fence alongside the Dyke to deter follow-up incidents. The area is now covered by surveillance cameras.


Litter at the site, encroaching on Beech Bottom Dyke.

Where are Beech Bottom Dyke and Soothouse Spring?


An aerial view of the area. The King William IV junction is just off the view, bottom right.

We thank William Naylor (Buttle’s) and Paul O’Flanaghan (A1 Tools and Fixings) for organising the removal of the fly tipped rubbish and installation of the fence.

Photos: RM

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