Theft and Vandalism

Climbing handholds


Friends of Bernards Heath tries to protect, preserve and enhance the Heath for the benefit of the neighbourhood as a whole, but sometimes it seems that thoughtlessness and downright theft are conspiring against us.

Anyone who has walked along the bottom of Beech Bottom Dyke will be aware that it can be difficult to get over the bank that blocks the Dyke about half way along its length. This is doubly so when conditions are wet.

To try to make this easier, one of our members has designed a system of hand holds attached to a stainless steel wire (see photo). It was securely attached to a tree at the top and provided an easy way to get up the bank.

It was however, not long before the wire was stolen. The wire could not be removed without tools and it is clear that someone must have come fully prepared to take it away.

This is very annoying, considering that much time and effort was put into this to help public access. A rope for the same purpose was also stolen.

If you have any information about this theft, please contact the chairman via FoBH mail (right sidebar).

Thanks to RM

The result of burning the wooden bin cover



Not content with burning any of the wood lying on the Heath, someone has attempted to burn the wooden cover of an otherwise unsightly metal bin.

Thoughtless vandalism like this detracts from what was otherwise an attractive glade for  recreational use.

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