Return of the Travellers

Travellers on the Upper Field June 3, 2019

A group of Travellers appeared on the Upper Field on Friday, 31st May.

Travellers do not enjoy a good reputation in our area since they converted the old Fire Station site into a big fly tipping site in June 2017 and August 2017.   It then cost the Council tens of thousands of pounds to clear it.

There were over 20 mostly immaculate caravans on the Heath on June 3rd.  Sadly, the occupants didn’t see fit to keep the field in a similar state, for the litter and human waste left behind was dreadful. The travellers failed to vacate the field by 11.59 pm on the 3rd, but did so did the next morning.  Fortunately, the Council arranged immediate litter clearance.

Field cleared on a wet afternoon, June 4th, 2019

On top of this, there were reports of a break-in, a smashed gate, a golf ball through a window, incidents at the Heath Bakery (Londis) and tampering with equipment in the play area. The latter was of course out of bounds to local children over the weekend because of litter etc. It is more than a co-incidence that these incidents occurred during the occupation. The wooded areas may still hazardous, so be on the look out for human waste in particular, and report it on FoBH Facebook.

Thanks to Councillor Helen Campbell for liaising  with the police, SADC, Environmental Health and others.

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