Fly Tipping Menace

There were two fly tipping incidents on the Heath during the past week. Both occurred off Spinney Lane near the junction of Townsend Drive and Waverley Road, see below. This happened overnight on Saturday morning, 14th November.

This mess appears to be the result of clearing land, perhaps a garden. The logs are from Leylandii tree(s) and are accompanied by a big pile of wood chippings from a chain saw. Chippings were scattered over several yards of Spinney Lane, suggesting that they were from a tipper truck or lorry. There is also wood from a fence or shed on the right.

If you know where it came from, or have seen suspicious activity, you can report it to the Council by following this link.

Blue fencing, easy for somebody to identify, also from Friday night.

We know that the audacious  tip below, a fridge and kitchen cabinet, appeared on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th November in broad daylight.

The Council cleared this promptly within 24 hrs. Again the link to report fly tipping is here.

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