About FoBH

Bernards Heath is a unique green space, close to the centre of St Albans, consisting of playing and sports fields and established woodlands which harbour a wide variety of wildlife.  It has a fascinating history dating back to the Dark Ages and is the site of one of the major battles of the Wars of the Roses. From the late medieval period to the early 20th century it was the site of clay pits and brick making from which much of St Albans is built.

The Friends of Bernards Heath (FoBH) believe that the Heath provides an exceptional natural amenity for the locality and the Society exists in order to protect, preserve and where appropriate enhance the Heath for the benefit of the neighbourhood as a whole. Membership provides you with a forum to express your opinions about the Heath and an opportunity to help preserve it for future generations.

What Friends of Bernards Heath does for you






lower_fieldLiaise with the Countryside Management Service and St Albans District Council to update the Greenspace Action Plan for Beech Bottom Dyke and Bernards Heath.



Launch promotion for the Bernards Heath Village Green Preservation Society


FoBH was formed from ‘The Bernards Heath Village Green Preservation Society’ with the original object to register the Lower Field as a ‘Village Green’. Legislation had been enacted to enable certain open spaces which were being used informally by the public to gain legal status.

The attempt did not succeed for legal reasons, but the community response evoked was felt to be too valuable to lose and, with a change of name and purpose, FoBH came into being.