Newsletters and Booklets

You may download a copy of the Bernards Heath leaflet (below on  the left) by contacting the Chairman (FoBH Mail).


Printed copies of Chris Reynold’s booklet (above right) are available (price £3.50) by emailing the Chairman at FoBH mail (right column).

See also the short and more detailed guides to a walk around the Heath.



Year Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5
2020 Christmas 2020
2019 Spring/Summer Autumn/Winter
2018 Summer Winter
2017 Spring December
2016 May
2015 February November
2014 Spring October
2013 Spring May Summer Autumn Christmas
2012 Spring Summer Winter
2011 Summer Autumn
2010 Spring Autumn
2009 Spring Autumn
2008 Spring Autumn
2007 May Autumn
2006 June Autumn
2005 July Autumn
2004 Autumn Winter
2003 Spring December