St Albans Green Ring

The St Albans Green Ring will be a continuous walking and cycling route (approx. 9Km long) that will encircle the city centre. The route primarily enhances existing cycling and walking routes and extends from Townsend in the north to Fleetville in the east, Sopwell in the south and into Verulam Estate to the west (St Albans City Council)  The Section that passes through the Heath is shown by the broken white line below.


The Green Ring through Bernards Heath, viewpoints 1-6

The section of the Green Ring that passes through Bernards Heath has been completed. The part that crosses the Upper Field was already tarmac and this has been widened to 2.5 metres. See FoBH view on section 2 – 3.


Viewpoint 1 – The Green Ring enters the Heath from Sandridge Road opposite Boundary Road


Viewpoint 2 – The Green Ring between the end of Heath Farm Lane and Harpenden Road with a new path


Viewpoint 3 – The Ring crosses Harpenden Road at these newly installed traffic lights


Viewpoint 4 – The Ring follows Harpenden Road almost to the Ancient Briton junction


Viewpoint 5 – … and follows the pavement along Batchwood Drive