Guided Walks

Around Bernards Heath

Bernards Heath and the surrounding area have a wealth of links with local and national history.

To help you find out more about this, Peter Burley, a member of the FoBH Committee, has produced two guides for a walk round the perimeter of the area. The short version (click here) is just two sides of A4, including a map, and is designed to be carried with you on the walk. There is also a much longer and more detailed version (click here) for you to read before you go on the walk, so that you will know more about what you will see as you follow the route. This is a very interesting read even if you don’t plan to go on the walk and is supplemented by a gallery of photos here.

To read the two versions of the Guide, you will need to download Adobe Reader. Please click here to download the latest version.


The Circular Green Walk showing a route closely followed in the two guides