Fly Tipping again

This litter, mostly coffee cups and beer cans, was dumped just by the Green Ring near Harpenden Road. The Heath has been quite tidy recently – hopefully this is not a foretaste of what might come when summer finally arrives.
Photo: 21 May 2021

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Bluebells on Beech Bottom Dyke

No need to go to Heartwood to see a magnificent display of bluebells. Being of the native variety, they are not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the nose. Find them from the Valley Road entrance to the Dyke on the side towards the railway.

Photo: AK

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Breaking News

The fallen branch – view towards the south west along Sandridge Road

On Sunday morning, 18th April 2021, one of the Sandridge Road ornamental cherry trees found the weight of blossom on a branch too much to bear; it fell across the footpath and most of the road. Fortunately, nobody on the pavement or road came to any harm and that it was a Sunday morning when traffic was relatively light. Read more ›

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Spring Litter Pick cancelled

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Aerial Views of the Upper Field, Bernards Heath

These views were taken by a drone last year (2020).

The Upper Field looking east with Sandridge Road on the top right. Photo JB

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Ground Survey of the Lower Field by GBG Geotechnics

Following the emergence of a depression or ‘hole’ not far from the centre of the Lower Field in late November 2019, Hertfordshire County Council commissioned a geophysical survey of the Field by GBG Geotechnics, Cambridge. A lengthy quite technical report on the survey was made available to FoBH and here we try to summarise its findings.

The hole was promptly surrounded by safety fencing and soon after by more fencing. The appearance of yet more fenced off areas last year led to some concern whether the whole field would be excluded to the public. We have no indication that this might be the case. Read more ›

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Fly Tipping Menace

There were two fly tipping incidents on the Heath during the past week. Both occurred off Spinney Lane near the junction of Townsend Drive and Waverley Road, see below. This happened overnight on Saturday morning, 14th November.

This mess appears to be the result of clearing land, perhaps a garden. The logs are from Leylandii tree(s) and are accompanied by a big pile of wood chippings from a chain saw. Chippings were scattered over several yards of Spinney Lane, suggesting that they were from a tipper truck or lorry. There is also wood from a fence or shed on the right.

If you know where it came from, or have seen suspicious activity, you can report it to the Council by following this link. Read more ›

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Monthly Rainfall Record

You can’t fail to have noticed all the rain in October in the Bernards Heath area. It was particularly noticeable on Saturday, 3rd October when 32 mm was the highest over the UK since 1986.  We measured 41 mm on that day when the southeast of England got more rain than the rest of the country.

The total for the month was 199 mm, the most that we have recorded for a single month over the last 7 years. Take a look at our records here.

Barnards Heath is very slippery in places – take care.

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Travellers back on the Heath

After an absence of about 14 months, yet another group of travellers has come back to the Heath, Upper Field. Some of them appear to be have been here before. In spite of efforts by the Friends of Bernards Heath to get the Council to put in measures to stop this, nothing has happened, with the result that the costs of clearing up are steadily mounting and local children are denied access to their local play area (centre photo).

14.8.20: Fortunately, these travellers have moved on after after very quick action by officers, threating bailiff removal.

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Second Depression on the Lower field

A second depression or pit, close to the hedge on the northern side of the Lower field has been apparent for some time. The small size of the pit is in contrast with the relatively large area of enclosed by a new fence – perhaps there is more to this than we know. At least this fence is green and blends in with the surroundings. Read more ›

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