Foxes on the Heath

Took this photo about 04.00 Friday morning, 15th June. The two young Foxes sitting together passing the time. By the time l stopped they had spotted me but still a good picture. Thanks: Dave McCormack

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Tree Walk

Tree Walk on Sunday, 1 July at 10.00 am

Meet on the Top Heath opposite Heath Bakery from where Roger Miles will lead a walk around Bernards Heath, Beech Bottom Dyke and Sandridge Road Wastes.

This is an opportunity to discover the names of those trees that you have seen so many times but never quite knew what they were!

Sturdy footwear is advisable along the Dyke if it has rained.


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Friends of Bernards Heath and Your Data

If you use the internet on a regular basis, you’ve have probably had many emails about the new General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR. It gives a glimpse into the number of places data is held on us.

The data we keep about FoBH members is simply limited to names and contact details so that we can keep you aware of what’s going on and what we do with your subscription payments.

Privacy Statement

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Bluebells April 2018



Bluebells are coming into flower over the Heath now as you may have noticed.

Why not visit Beech Bottom Dyke for the best collections, where native bluebells, rather than the Spanish variety, proliferate. The native flowers also have a wonderful smell.

Photo: MN

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Litter Pick and Spring Tidy

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Stones to Seek

These attractive painted stones have appeared on the Heath. Can you find them?

Photos: MN

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Weather takes its toll on trees

Fallen tree, Townsend Drive by postbox

Several trees on the Heath have succumbed to winter gales, some because of the ‘sail’ effects of ivy and the wind drag it causes, and others, including this dead hawthorn, to old age. This latter tree has fallen across the path along Townsend Drive.

Photo: PC

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Bernards Heath weather 2017

Remember those days from late March to mid May when grass began to turn yellow and water restrictions were a distinct possibility? There was only 1.5 mm of rain in April, see above.  The summer was not particularly dry by comparison to previous years and the year was rounded off with the highest rainfall of the year of 98 mm, including 10 cm of snow on the 10th December. Read more ›

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Christmas and New Year

Photo: JB


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Early Winter Snow

‘It’s not usually this cold on my tummy’

To children’s delight, 4 inches (10 cm) of snow fell on Sunday, 10th December.   It’s the most snow we’ve had, certainly over the last four years. Clinging snow brought down several branches of trees. Photo: JB


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